Monday, February 2, 2015

Oblivion Knight - Demo (1987)

Up today... a bit of NWOBHM inspired metal from Oblivion Knight. Originally from Alabama before settling in San Antonio. This demo was included on a CD re-issue by Rockadrome. When it is back in stock I will be deleting this link so if you download this, please check the Rockadrome site and buy the CD when it is available again.

From Formed in 1986 in Alabama by Chris Camp and Steve Sexton. They didn't find the rest of the line-up there, so in 1987 they went to the Texas scene (of which they were fans) and recruited Ken Ortiz and Mike Soliz. After the demo release Keith Karbella and Brian Kibekinski (both from Long Island, New York) replaced Ortiz respectively took up the second guitar. Chris Collins who did the vocals on the first pre-Dream Theater band Majesty first demo replaced Mike Soliz before Oblivion Knight's second and last demo was recorded in 1990.

Track Listing
1. Clash with the Knight
2. Sword in Hand
3. Beyond the Gates/The Omega

Band Members
Steve Sexton - Bass
Chris Camp - Guitars
Ken Ortiz - Drums
Mike Soliz - Vocals

Thanks to YouTube user AkisDoom for the rip.

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