Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hellpreacher - Resurrection Demo + Bonus Tracks (1986)

Hailing from San Antonio, Texas, very little is known about Hellpreacher other than the fact that they could produce thrash metal with heavy speedy riffs and needed more vocals in the mix. This demo and bonus tracks is a really lo-fi example of DIY metal. These guys were making metal the old fashioned way... no budget and LOUD! Good stuff.

Track Listing
1. Resurrection
2. Parricidal
3. Inverted Cross
*Bonus Tracks*
4. Black Magic (Slayer Cover)
5. Bloodbath (Rehearsal)
6. Riot of Violence (Kreator Cover)

Band Members
Jessie Lopez - Bass
Javier Villegas - Drums
Roger Gallardo - Guitars
Danny Martinez - Guitars (lead)
Rick Chavana - Vocals

Thanks to Canadaspaceman from for the rip.

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