Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sweet Nightmares - KPFT Radio Show (Feb. 10, 1988)

I've been digging deep in my garage to pull out my personally taped cassettes of Sweet Nightmares. This isn't really Texas based music but it does shine a light on what local radio  the bands had access to and how some of them became inspired to create their own metal.

Beginning in the mid-80's, Sweet Nightmares started playing the heaviest, hardest metal of the day for the Houston metro area. Transmitting from 90.1 KPFT (, Sweet Nightmares was the only place a true metalhead could hear the good stuff. Wes Weaver (to be joined later by co-host Bill (The Master) Bates) and crew introduced me to some of the classic metal that MTV was afraid to play. While regular radio played Ratt, Motley Crue, and other hair bands, Sweet Nightmares spun real metal from bands like Slayer, Testament, Celtic Frost, etc. This particular set includes songs by Paradox, Sanctuary, Candlemass, Forbidden Evil (pre-Forbidden), Metal Onslaught, Necrophagia, Nasty Savage and more.

Best of all is the fact that Sweet Nightmares is still on the air (Thursdays from 11pm-2am). Check out the KPFT archives for access to the latest shows and follow Sweet Nightmares on Twitter for the latest Houston metal news. (

A little more history about the show from We Weaver himself...
Sweet nightmares was started in 1987 by a guy named Steve Harrington, he some affiliation to the station and basically he did a metal show one night in march 87 at like 2 in the morning,i missed it but a friend heard it and told ma about it.So I went down the next week with records, Steve played them and asked me back the following week, and i didn't stop He gave me the show about 6 months later....i had a few people help me and then got Bill Bates sometime in 88 probably mid 88.

Track List
1. Nasty Savage - Abstract Reality
2. Viking - Valhalla
3. Forbidden Evil - Chalice of Blood (Demo Version)
4. Deadly Blessing - Salem's Lot
5. Candlemass - Dark Are The Veils Of Death
6. Vio-Lence - Bodies on Bodies (Demo Version)
7. Sanctuary - Termination Force
8. Paradox - Beyond Space (Tape Flip)
9. Metal Onslaught - Cease to Exist
10. Necrophagia - Bleeding Torment
11. Morbid Angel - Kingdom Come (Demo Version)
12. Gargoyle - Final Victory
13. Nasty Savage - Hypnotic Trance
14. Plasmatics - 12 Noon
15. Exodus - Deranged
16. Nuclear Assault - Justice
17. Judas Priest - Steeler


  1. wow...craxy to hear my voice from back then and this show.killer..
    wes weaver

  2. another quick point here,this is before Bill bated was a part of sweet nightmares,at the time i had another friend,Bill Bishop helping,just wanted to clarify that.

  3. I'm very saddened for our loss of Bill Bates, dj and personality ,of kpft Houston Sweet Nightmares, rip man!

  4. hey man,

    fucking awesome upload...thanks!!! do you have any of your from the depths shows recorded?