Monday, February 9, 2015

MÄAX/MindThreat/10 Kingdoms - I Drank What? (1988/1991/2001)

This one is a head scratcher. This demo has gone through three differing bands and variations. The one constant... it's pure heavy metal! I reached out to 10 Kingdoms and Jospeh Ellis to get the history of this demo so I will let him tell the story.

From Jospeh Ellis: The "I Drank What?" EP was originally released in 1988, under the band name MÄAX. A year later, one of the guest guitar players decided he didn't like his 'performance' and tried to sue me to get it removed. So I did, had another guy come in (I've always wanted the bands I'm in to be a 5-piece, so there would be 2 lead players) and do his thing, only to have him freak out when I asked him to tone it down a little (he was attempting to be Malmsteen). 

Anyway, by 1990, I met another guitar player and we formed a band, MindThreat, and we did pretty well for ourselves from '91-'95/'96. He replaced the solos on that demo and they've stayed that way.
The demo was re-released in 1991 under the MindThreat name, so that we would have something to give the club owners to get gigs. MindThreat folded in '96, mainly because everyone wanted to wear flannel and play Hard Rock but call it grunge. Ugh.

Fly up to 2001, and it was cleaned up and released a 3rd time, only this time under the 10 KINGDOMS name. And that's the way it has stayed.


Joey Gutierrez - Vocals
Joseph Ellis - Lead/Rhythm Guitars
Brian Todd - Bass Guitars
Mike Gage - Drums & Percussion

Engineered by Mike Gage at Studio Southwest, Sunnyvale TX
Mixed and Produced by Joseph Ellis and Mike Gage

Anything else you need to know man, just hit me with a message! THANKS AGAIN!

P.S. The name of the demo comes from a line in the movie, "Real Genius", you can check it out here if you want to know. 

Track Listing
1. Chains of Despair
2. Renegade
3. Incompetent Fool

Link Removed by Request

Thanks to Proteus 666 of for the rip.

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