Thursday, February 12, 2015

Helstar - Live Bootleg - Houston, Texas (1983)

Today we'll listen to the great Helstar from Houston, Texas. One of the better known metal bands from Texas, Helstar play a great blend of heavy metal, almost speed metal and power metal. Of course power metal has a completely different connotation today from back then. Helstar signed with Combat Records to release their first two albums and then switched to Metal Blade for two more albums. Helstar has been continually active in releasing music throughout the decades and is still releasing kick-ass metal today. This bootleg of one of their very early live shows is a great example of how tight and talented the band was from the very beginning. As a plus we also get Helstar doing their versions of Black Sabbath's Neon Knights and Iron Maiden's Phanton of the Opera.

Track Listing
1. Lights Out 
2. Swords and Tequila 
3. Towards the Unknown 
4. Burning Star 
5. He’s a Woman, She’s a Man 
6. Leather and Lust 
7. Neon Knights 
8. The Shadows of Iga 
9. Phantom of the Opera 
10. Run With the Pack

Band Members
James Rivera- Vocals
Larry Barragan - Guitars
Tom Rogers - Guitars
Paul Medina - Bass
Hector Pavon - Drums

Thanks to Strad of for the rip.

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