Monday, February 9, 2015

Pendulum/Spectre - Isotopic Chaos [Split EP] -1992

A couple of thrashers out of San Antonio, Texas... Pendulum and Spectre team up for a split 7". Pendulum take side A with a couple of heavy tunes, thrash-like with a bit of crossover punk. With only about 6 minutes, Spectre decides to load up Feed the Bugs at 6 minutes 10 seconds long. Feed the Bugs is a fast, speed metal opus with a punk undertone. They follow it up with a quick SOD-like 25 second riff-lyric-riff-lyric-chaos song. A fun split over-all.

Track Listing
Side A
1. Pendulum - The Jesus Fish
2. Pendulum - Anomalies
Side B
3. Spectre - Feed the Bugs
4. Spectre - Pus Mountain

Band Members

Mike Riley - Drums
Jeff Riley - Guitars
Bubba Whitehead - Guitars
Joey YorFino - Vocals, Bass

David James - Bass
Clark Lyons - Drums
Richard "Rick" Rodriguez - Guitars
Kenny Turnham - Vocals (lead), Guitars

Thanks to Proteus 666 of for the rip.

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