Thursday, February 5, 2015

Rotting Corpse - Demo (1986)

Back with more thrash, I bring you the great Rotting Corpse of Arlington, Texas.

From Texas Metal Underground: Rotting Corpse has been delivering a thrash metal kick to the teeth of the denim and leather diehards for over two decades. Pummeling their way out of the spandex and hairspray infested Dallas, Texas area metal scene of the early 1980’s, Rotting Corpse set off on a collision course to deliver their own brand of neck-breaking thrash metal to an eagerly awaiting army of underground Texas metal fanatics. With a penchant for playing anywhere and everywhere (including an actual garage in Houston) the band perfected a sound that has all the subtleties of a baseball bat to the face. It may not be pretty, but that’s really the whole point.

For a more complete history of the band, check out TMU's page. Also, note that TMU has released a DVD of these great Texas thrashers. Make sure to pick up a copy here... Circus of Fools DVD.

Track Listing
1. Rotting Corpse
2. War on drugs
3. Evil Slaughter

Band Members
Walter Trachsler - Guitars, Bass
John Perez - Guitars (lead)
Jim "Moe" Mulqueen - Vocals
Dave Gryder - Drums 

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