Friday, February 13, 2015

Josefus - Not Dead Yet: Unreleased 1978 Studio Sessions & Live

Josefus, formed in the late 60's, could very well be called the Godfather's of Texas metal with their heavy, blues-laden riffs. By anchoring their sound with a booming deep end, Josefus turns standard Texas psychedelic rock into pre-doom metal territory rock. If they had combined their riffs with darker lyrics, we could very well be comparing them to Black Sabbath today. Instead they squeaked in and out of existence in only a year and a half leaving behind one full length and a few live recordings. Later the band reformed and became active members of the Houston music scene throughout the 70's and beyond. Today these pioneers are still active in the music scene and are releasing new and previously unreleased material. Give them a listen.

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