Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Aggressor - There's Metal in Texas Demo (1987)

From Houston, Aggressor (not to be confused with Aggressor from Corpus Christi still active today) came out blazing some really great speed metal. Musically this band is in the technical thrash league with bands like Metal Church or Sanctuary but somehow remind me of Dokken. That's if Dokken was a heavy, fast thrash band without the hairspray. They followed up with a second demo in 1990 and later with an independently released full length "By Any Means Necessary" which is now out of print. Pop over to the band's MySpace page for audio samples.

Track Listing
1. There's Metal in Texas
2. No Time To Lose
3. Solo
4. I Survive
5. We Are Burning Hot

Band Members
Spyder Mike - Bass
Ken Pride - Drums
Scary Larry - Guitars (lead)
Stoney Paul - Vocals, Guitars

Thanks to Motorised at for the rip.

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