Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Impeccable - Live on the Rox (1979)

Impeccable from Lubbock are hard rockers with great songwriting ability. Originally known as Axxe, the band members released a single and switched names to Impeccable. Sadly, the band would only release one self-produced vinyl of live material. The singing. The wailing guitar. Everything is in place to push this band into the mainstream of the time. This begs the question of whether this band would have reached a level of success if they had made it into the studio for a professional recording session. As it is, this no-frills album has spread through the vinyl collector underground and has received a strong reputation.

Luckily, Rockadrome Records is planning a re-issue of this nearly forgotten album. The album is to include two bonus tracks released by the band as Axxe. Rockadrome has a reputation for high quality re-issues and I'm looking forward to hearing this music at its absolute best.

Hear are a couple of videos of Impeccable/Axxe in action to whet your appetite for the forthcoming re-issue.

Band Members
Darren Welch - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Don Allison - Lead Vocals, Percussion
Richard Rico - Bass
Morris Payne - Drums

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  1. Impeccable CD is out now!