Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Alyis - Demo (1989)

Today we're listening to Alyis from Houston, Texas. A speedy vocal delivery along with a touch of hardcore thrown into their thrash reminds me of another Houston band, the great Dresden 45. While not a true copy of D45, Alyis writes extremely catchy songs that stick in your head. Rough production values keep this demo from achieving true cult status yet it is a gem of a find for metal vinyl/cassette collectors. Alyis would go on to self-produce one more album, Suffer at Birth,  before calling it quits.

Track Listing
1. Inject the Master
2. Autopsy
3. Toxic Drop
4. Beer Fart
5. Why Us
6. Termination Insanity

Band Members
Tino Rodriguez - Bass
Cesar Castillo - Drums
Mickey Alaniz - Guitars
Stephen Hernandez - Guitars
Jesse "Be-Be" Guerra - Vocals

Thanks to Klesch of for the rip.

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