Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Final Assault / Vengeance - Final Vengeance: Within the Realm (Demo Re-Issue)

Today I'm highlighting another re-issue. This one by Texas Metal Underground Records. Final Assault was a speed metal/power metal band formed in 1985. They released a demo called First Warning that same year and the band playing live shows. In 1987, Final Assault attempted to move out to California hoping for more exposure but this led to the band almost breaking up. A few band member changes later, Final Assault recorded and released their second demo, Second Coming. This would be the last recording under the Final Assault name.

Final Assault is high energy metal with Alexander Robles vocals soaring into the stratosphere. Fans of Fates Warning or Sanctuary will be pleased to discover this band. The guitar playing is strong with a technical competence. As a whole, this band should have had a wider following than they had at the time.

In 1988, the band would reform with a new drummer and a new name, Vengeance. This version of the band was more polished in sound and songwriting than the previous band but it amounted to little with the band playing local shows and little recognition. Luckily, Texas Metal Underground Records heard the promise both bands held and re-issued the Final Assault demo (1988) and the Vengeance demo (1989) on one CD.


Band Members
Alex Beltron - Bass (Final Assault/Vengeance)
David Vela - Drums (Final Assault)
Ace Tyler - Drums (Vengeance)
Ruben Vela - Guitars (Final Assault/Vengeance)
Izzy Munoz - Guitars (Final Assault/Vengeance)
Alexander Robels III - Vocals (Final Assault/Vengeance)

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