Thursday, March 26, 2015

Hurlant - Demo (1989)

Let's file this under Great Bands That Should Have Been Bigger. From Austin, Hurlant can definitely keep up with the big boys of Texas metal. Playing thrash with a technical proficiency reminiscent of early Dark Angel, this band shows us that good songwriting, a competent singer, and actually being able to play your instrument are a recipe for really good heavy music. Very little information is on the web which is a shame; but do you want to know what is the biggest shame about this band?  Hurlant's whole discography consists of only 5 songs on two demos. Metal fans deserved more and so did the band.

Track Listing
1. Disconnect Society
2. Multiple Contusion Crew
3. What's Your Problem?

Band Members
Art Napoli - Bass, Vocals
Raymond Vasquez - Drums
Amhed Garcia - Guitars

Thanks to Hi50metalmaniac for the rip.

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