Friday, January 30, 2015

Rok Bergade - The Attack Is On (1983)

Closer to standard heavy metal of the time... Rok Bergade from Houston, Texas.

I remember seeing these guys playing at an all-ages club in Pasadena, Texas. My timeline might be off but I think it was before this release. The band was very young so it was teens playing for teens. I vaguely remember them playing a Dokken cover and lots of headbanging.

An interesting review of the album from Album Review

Track Listing
1. The Attack Is On
2. Too Far from Yesterday
3. Lost Without You
4. Rock and Roll Will Lift You Up
5. Rok Bergade
6. Your Every Needs
7. Let Me See the Love
8. Just a Dream
9. After the Invasion
10. You Keep Me Hanging On

Band Members
Creg Gilley - Vocals, Guitars
Jason Parker - Guitars
Ronny Rushing - Keyboards
Russle Ray Womble - Bass
Bill Loden - Drums

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