Thursday, January 29, 2015

Academy Black - Demo aka Join the Academy (1988)

Now to include some crossover/thrash from Houston, Texas.

Academy Black was very active in the local music scene but only released two demos. This first demo from 1988 and a second demo, Dead Fun, was released a year later. This demo is known as Join the Academy on Metal-archives  because it was released with three different covers; one of which included the words "Join the Academy" on the cover. As of 2015, the band is still active performing reunion shows but hasn't mentioned any plans on releasing new material.

Track Listing
1. I Murdered Mike 
2. Father of the Future
3. Crush the Monster
4. Evil Hell Part 666

Band Members
Damon Gill - Bass (1987-present)
Greg Main - Drums (1987-present)
Jeff Mikel - Guitars (1987-present)
Dave Yammer -Vocals (1987-present)

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