Friday, January 30, 2015

Dark Reign - Mayhemic States (1989)

Another dark thrash band, Dark Reign of Houston, Texas.

Dark Reign created heavy death metal with evil, growling vocals. Perfect if you are feeling the blackness creeping in. The band broke up in '91 but some members went on to form Imprecation, furthering their progress towards even more brutal death metal. A few of the songs from this demo, along with their second demo Immolated Slaves and some live material, were re-released on CD as Anthology: A Dark Evolution which seems to be out-of-print.

Track Listing
1. Dissanctifically Deceased
2. Mayhemic States
3. Erebus
4. Regicide

Schaun Drab - Bass
Ruben Elizondo - Drums
Phil Westmoreland - Guitars
Earl Long - Guitars
Rob Taylor - Vocals

Thanks to YouTube user, NocturnalDevastator for the rip.

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