Thursday, April 23, 2015

Angkor Wat - Live in San Antonio (1987)

Hailing from Corpus Christi, Angkor Wat brought a punk sensibility to their form of metal. This live recording shows them at a very early stage in their career and they give it their all. With a set that includes a cover of Bad Brain's Right Brigade, this is exactly the kind of crossover/thrash show that made me a fan of Texas metal. 

Track Listing:
1. Meat Eaters
2. Stop and Think
3. Living To Die
4. Tomorrow is Ours
5. Die Young
6. Disease
7. Right Brigade
8. Ricky
9. Give Me a Break
10. Warsaw
11. The Box
12. Burners of the Cross
13. Gone

Band Members:
Dave 'Bambi' Nuss - Drums, Vocals
Danny "Edith Bunker" Lohner - Guitars, Bass
Adam "(King) Bunnie" Grossman - Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Mike 'Titty' Titsworth - Bass
Dave "Dee" Brinkam - Vocals

Thanks to Thrasher for pointing me in the right direction
 and thanks to RAF666underground.blogspot for the file.

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  1. Know of a current file for this release? Thanks