Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Torture - Enter the Chamber Demo (1986)

Coming out of El Paso, Torture put out some extremely good heavy thrash. These recording are extra rough so if you want a better listen to what the band has to offer; search out their full-length Storm Alert released in 1989 and later re-issued in 2006 with extra tracks. Regardless of quality, these four tracks give a sample of Torture's particular brand of thrash; fast without tripping into speed metal and growling vocals reminiscent of Venom.

Track Listing:
1. Enter the Chamber
2. Into the Dark
3. Power Metal
4. The Vision

Band Members:
Justin "Drummer from Hell" Dudra - Drums
"Tortured" Tom Hicks - Vocals, Guitars (lead)
Deric Gunter - Bass
J.D. Robins - Guitars

Thanks to RocketScienceRecords blogspot for the rip.

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