Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Boss Tweed - Jacuzzi Murders (1983)

Formed in 1979 in For Worth, Boss Tweed have a good case for being called the godfathers of Texas Heavy Metal. Other hard rocking bands were active in Texas before them but their brand of blues-rock influenced metal is a direct bridge between those who rocked before and those who headbanged after. Fans of Motorhead, Saxon, Raven, etc. will be pleased with these rockers from Texas.

Scott Wood - Bass
Donny Hart - Vocals
Paul Boll - Guitars
Damon Duperre - Guitars
Lance Williams - Drums

Luckily, Boss Tweed have re-released all their early gems on a 2011 compilation, Die You Bitch which is still available from various sites. Or you could simply follow them on SoundCloud to stream all the Texas metal you need in your life.

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