Thursday, September 24, 2015

Anialator - Demo (1987)

Forming in Corpus Christi in 1986, Anialator released their first demo in 1987 and signed to Wild Rags Records soon after. Surprisingly, the band wasn't able capitalize on the strength of their first label release and quietly broke up in 1989. Some of the members would go on to form Sufferance the next year.
The music is pretty good thrash with catchy riffs and decent production values for a demo of the time. It's encouraging to see that the band has reformed (minus vocalist Marc Arispe R.I.P.) and will be playing reunion shows in late 2015. If you find yourself in Texas and need a good does of 80's thrash, then these guys will provide it.

Track Listing:
1. Anialator
2. Feel the Pain
3. Nuclear Destruction
4. Mission of Death

Alex Dominguez - Bass
Alonzo Garcia  - Drums
Mark Olivio - Guitar
David Cerda - Guitars
Marc Arispe (R.I.P.) - Vocals

Thanks to Hi50metalmaniac for the rip.

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