Thursday, July 30, 2015

Syranax - Battalion of Death Demo (1985)

From Austin, Texas, these speed metal thrashers were bringing the evil. Syranax formed in 1984 and released this demo the following year. A quick listen will be enough to realize that these guys were something different from the other bands at the time. With a vocalist hitting the ripping screams and the relentless picking technique, this sort of speed metal was standing out from the crowd, Sadly the band only released one more demo, Annihilation of Civilization, in 1987 with another singer and a new bassist before calling it quits.

Read more about the history of Syranax from an interview with bassist Sean Ross

Track Listing
1. Pedifile
2. Face the Blade
3. Wheels of Hades
4. The Battalion of Death

Band Members
Rick Lane - Guitars, Vocals
Jamie Ovcaric - Guitars (lead)
Sean Ross - Bass
Ricky Colley - Drums

Thanks to Strappado and Thrasher from HeavyMetalRarities.

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